Turkey Tour Packages from India

Straddling Europe and Asia, Turkey is an exotic travel destination with a rich history and culture. Natural attractions as well as man-made marvels can be found here in plenty. It is a fine example of the architectural brilliance of medieval period. Turkey offers snow-capped mountains, scintillating seas and other water bodies, colorful market, architectural marvels and a number of objects of tourist attractions. Experience a truly enjoyable holiday in the country with our Turkey Tour Packages from India. Moreover, Turkey is a suitable travel destination not just for holiday making and vacations but you can also find it a wonderful location for a good honeymoon trip.

Turkey Holiday Packages from India

Turkey is fast gaining popularity as a fine holiday destination all across the world. This exotic place is so rich in culture and traditions that you are sure to get spellbound with its charm. Besides sightseeing, you can do a lot to activities here to make your trip completely enjoyable. Book one of our Turkey holiday packages from India and enjoy mountain climbing, hiking, biking, scuba diving, sight seeing and more at this stunning location. Discover the land and its great history dating back to 10,000 years, take a close look at monuments that are placed under world’s best and witness its year round festivities and events.

Turkey Tours from India

We have included in the itinerary of our Turkey tours from India some of the most popularly visited locations of the country. These may include the following:
  • Ankara: The capital of the country Ankara and a popular tourist destination. Find here museums and a number of attractive tourist spots.

  • Antalya: A coastal city lying on the Mediterranean Sea, Antalya is just fabulous. Find here an exciting range of water sports that include scuba diving, swimming and snorkeling. There are mountains as well here, which offers you yet another kind of sports activities, such as mountain climbing and hiking.

  • Istanbul: A unique city straddled between Asia and Europe, Istanbul is known worldwide for a rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture. Also find here some of the best pubs of the world.

  • Adana: Known as The City of Gold, Adana is a hub of jewelry business with a large number of shops selling exquisitely designed gold jewelries across all corners of the city. The fourth largest city of the country, it is also known for ancient mosques, which are still standing tall.

Turkey Tourist Attractions

Turkey is a land waiting to be discovered and explored. Some of the major tourist attractions in the country are as follows:
  • Aya Sophia: Built during Byzantine period, probably in the year 536, this magnificent building will leave you gaping in wonder. Previously known as Hagiya Sophia, it is the largest dome of the ancient world. For many years, it was known to the world as the largest church of the world, but now it has been converted into museum.

  • Blue Mosque: A splendid piece of beauty, Blue Mosque looks stunning with its blue tiles and as many as 6 minarets and 16 balconies. The mosque has 260 windows that keep the inside well illuminated during the daytime.

  • Grand Bazaar: A colorful market with over 4,000 shops selling a variety of goods and articles. You will just love to visit this bazaar and buy some items to take back home.

  • Topkapi Palace: The royal palace that was once home to the Ottoman emperors. The architecture of the palace will keep you spellbound for a long moment.

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