When we think about a holiday, the first thing that comes to our mind is the destination that we need to choose. Different people have different preferences. Some like to experience the great mountain regions whereas on the other hand, others prefer to relax marveling at a beautiful beach. At Horizons, we ask you choose your destinations from the various options available. Right from Antarctica to Europe or North America to Asia we create the best holidays in any continent you wish.

Some of the holiday destinations in Asia include Maldives, Bali, and Philippines where you can marvel and relax at the most scintillating beaches. You can also opt for a pilgrimage to the holy land and visit Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Russia and Armenia are like the party places where people would like to have some fun.

Those looking out for a holiday in Africa can visit South Africa, Egypt and Seychelles. In fact, Seychelles has become the most popular holiday for honeymooners. So if you are recently married or about to get married, Seychelles is the ideal place for spending your honeymoon. It has the world?s most beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, white sand, and a lot of activities on the beach. You can get involved in para-sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving and lots more.

Europe is considered to be the most common holiday destination for tourists. The romantic view for the Alps in Switzerland or the beaches of Croatia is going to leave you spellbound. You can choose from a variety of destinations such as Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Romania, France and lot more.

Adventure lovers would love to explore the continent of South America that covers the Amazon jungle. A trip to Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, and Argentina is a must if you are an ardent football lover or would like to learn the Tango dance form. Of course Mexico is famous for its delicacies, so Mexican food will be a treat for your taste buds.

We also offer holidays to the isolated island of Antarctica that you might only have heard of read about. It is now time to put theory into practical and explore this icy continent on your own.