Top Five Honeymoon Destinations

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Your honeymoon could be the most important and exciting holiday of your life if it’s planned well and with enough time.

If you look beyond the craziness of planning a wedding and think about the time you and your spouse will spend with each other right after, we promise you’ll begin to look forward to your trip.

So, just for a little while, set aside the wedding catalogues, the catering estimates, the never-ending guest list and just read on.

Whether you’re considering a classic honeymoon destination like an exotic locale (rainforests anyone?) or a romantic European trip, we have a collection of some amazing honeymoon destinations for you and your beloved.

1. Rent Your Personal Mountain in St. Moritz, Switzerland

Yes, you’ve definitely read that right!

You can hire your own personal mountain in the stunning and romantic resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland.

If you and your newly-wedded partner have a thirst for adventure, you can begin your mornings enjoying the historic Cresta run, a bobsled run in St. Moritz which happens to be the only natural ice track in the world.

You can get your adrenaline fix descending down on a 3/4th mile track at speeds exceeding 60 mph with your face just inches above the surface of the ice.

Another must do in Switzerland is to experience The Singing Bowl. Stroll around the old and enchanting town of Lucerne and proceed to the Palace Hotel for one of the most unique spa experiences you will have in your life.

The experience begins as soon as you enter a room with a big, bronze bowl placed in the center. With mood-setting dim lights, heartwarming scents, and cozy furniture to welcome you with a glass of fresh juice, the room definitely creates an inviting ambience for everyone.

A hammock sits over the top of the giant singing bowl and as soon as the therapist is ready to begin the ceremony, you’re asked to either sit in the hammock so you’re directly over the bowl or you have the option to stand in the bowl.

Once you’re ready, a log of wood is swung into the singing bowl which in turn releases a series of vibrations. These vibrations then resonate throughout your body sending powerful and energetic waves your way.

This technique is widely famous across the world and works as one of the most successful and rejuvenating meditation techniques.

2.Diamond Safari Tour in Cape Town, South Africa

Rightly described as ‘a world in a country’ South Africa is a place that caters to every travelers love in different ways, especially honeymooners.

When you’re in Cape Town, you can take a scenic helicopter ride to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and touchdown for a hearty lunch and.wine tasting at the farms of Constantia Valley.

Another fun and romantic thing to do is to rent your own Harley Davidson and explore the beautiful town of Cape Town.

And now, the highlight:  The Diamond Safari Tour!

The first of its kind, the Diamond Safari Tour literally lets you dive into the ocean all the way to the bed in search of raw aquatic diamonds yet to be discovered. And the best part?

They are yours to keep. After your salvage dive you will select your own rough stone to be cut, polished, and set into a custom jewelry piece.

3.Volcano Walking and Glacier Landing in New Zealand

Volcanoes and glaciers certainly make for unique honeymoon experiences.

Fly by helicopter to White Island, New Zealand’s only permanently-active offshore volcano. On this three hour flight, you can enjoy breathtaking views as the pilot soars over the Northern Lakes district before you land onto the Island for a guided-walking tour.
Visit New Zealand’s Tasman Glacier terminal lake for a fascinating glacial encounter. Cruise the rapidly growing terminal lake taking in spectacular mountain views and scenery.

Queenstown in New Zealand is a spot for adventure sports and flamboyant parties. A fun experience is to attend a New Years party on the Queenstown party boat. Not to mention a fully licensed bar, games and movies, barbeques, amazing company and a great kiwi attitude!

4.Snorkeling at Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Located in French Polynesia in the South Pacific islands, Bora Bora has been described as the most beautiful island in the world.

When you’re out snorkeling, you’ll visit different spots around the Bora Bora waters to discover a variety of fish and if you’re lucky, even sharks!

Simply put, Bora Bora embodies the perfect and most idyllic honeymoon destination. This is a place to come for bright blue lagoons, charming bungalow accommodations, relaxing sandy beaches, and brightly colored hibiscus flowers.

5.Gold Coast, Australia

From the quaint village of Mount Glorious to the nature’s wonder of Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast features plenty of romantic honeymoon destinations in Australia to keep couples hooked to their travel.

Whether you want to take a whale-watching tour or spend private moments marooned on a secluded island, the choice is entirely yours.

One of the more fun activities to indulge in at the Gold Coast is the 30-minute hot-air balloon ride for sweeping views of Mt. Tamborine and to watch the sunrise over the hills.

After the ride, you can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast in the gracious ambience of O’Reilly’s Grand Homestead with its wide verandahs and a glass of cold sparkling wine.

What’s great about honeymoons is that the time really, truly, is just about the two of you.

It’s your chance to forget about the world and explore with your partner the way you want to – whether your travel includes adventurous outdoor activities, hiking and camping, eating your way through a new city, or just putting your feet up and allowing yourself to be pampered – YOU get to create an experience that’s meaningful for the two of you.

And Horizons Holidays is here to help. We can’t wait to get your dream nuptial getaway started!

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