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Special events packages can be organised into various categories. Some examples of special events include international concerts, music shows, rock bands, live performance, award functions, football matches, cricket tournament, sunburn festival and so on. At Horizons, we cater to such events as well. You can let us know your choice and preferences and we would take you to the event you have always been looking forward for. We can organise group trips or individual trips suiting your requirements.

We also cater to special events in Alaska, Houston or Disneyland. One of the favorite places where children would have a lot of fun is in Disneyland. You only have to set your calendar and let everything on us. We would then plan a trip to Disneyland and ensure that you and your kids have the best experience of a life time. It is our responsibility to get you the permits required (if any) and give you quotes against them. We offer services in different places across the world be it Toronto or Kuwait.

If you are still thinking about special events and are not able to decide, we can offer you a helping hand. We have created a list of special packages that consists of tours to various destinations. Some of the packages that we offer are to Austria, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, and Switzerland. You can choose any of it as per your needs. You can visit the Cannes in France or the city of Venice in Italy. If you are looking for a romantic destination, we would advise you to visit Interlaken and Mount Titlis in Switzerland. If you wish to marvel at the architecture then Rome is the right place for you. Football lovers who wish to watch a match can make a trip to the perfect football destination ? Barcelona or Madrid.

At Horizons, we are committed in creating special events as per your requirements. Bryan Adams or David Guetta lovers now have the chance to visit these bands live and enjoy the experience. Lucky ones could also get a chance to meet the stars, of course only if it seems to be possible. Any other special events that you can think of; then you only have to let us know small details; we will make it reality for you. So, at Horizons, we aim at fulfilling all your holiday dreams into reality.

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