Philippines Tour Package from India

The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of thousands of islands located in the Southeast Asia. Situated amidst the western Pacific Ocean, the country is blessed with unbound marine beauty and plethora of natural bounties that attract the attention of tourists worldwide. Alongside, the nation is also known for a number of historical and cultural sites. Thus, The Philippines makes an ideal travel destination for holidays, vacations and honeymoons, all alike. Visit this amazing land of unparallel beauty with our Philippines Tour Package from India.

Philippines Holiday Packages from India

We have designed our Philippines Holiday Packages from India in such a way as to include all that you would like to see and experience during your vacations here. Moreover, we also offer custom-designed travel packages for honeymoon couples, families and individuals. The Philippines is loved by all due to the ubiquitous presence of all that makes a vacation tour a memorable experience. There are numerous sightseeing opportunities as well as a number of outdoor activities to make your every moment here enjoyable. Come to us for exclusive Philippines vacation packages from India. Honeymoon goers can ask us to design a tour package that truly matches their requirements.

Philippines Tourist Attractions

The Philippines tourist attractions include white sandy beaches, green forest, mountains, rivers, lakes, architectural marvels, historical sites, rustic countryside, modern cities, and so on. One can do a number of activities here that include scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, jet skiing, mountain climbing, cave exploration, bird watching, and more. Some of the major travel destinations in the Philippines are as follows:

  • Manila: The capital and the most important city of the country in terms of business and finance. Manila is a vibrant city with an active night life. The landscape here is dotted with several architectural marvels of modern times and also some age-old structures. It is an entertainment hub and also the main gateway to the Philippines.

  • Cebu: The metropolitan area is next only to Manila in terms of size and importance, however, the island-province of Cebu is by far the most popular travel destination in the country. Find here a host of water sports that also includes scuba diving. The place is a paradise for shoppers and you can have a great shopping experience here. The island is also famous for a 16th century Spanish Church and Magellan’s Cross. The city has a number of resorts and tourists can enjoy here a cruise on Bohal River.

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