Discover colourful histories of old kingdoms in strange and exciting landscapes, and elegant Scandinavian cities of grand cathedrals and old quarters. Experience nature at its rawest amongst the columns of the Giants Causeway in Ireland, and at the crashing Gullfoss cascades in Iceland. This is a bizarre and beguiling land of volcanic lava fields and fairy-tale castles perched on glistening seascapes. And for all its icy exteriors and low suns, there’s always a warm welcome to be found in the bars of Dublin’s O’Connell St, in the snowy wilds of Lapland, and in the cafes and coffee shops of Tallinn on the Baltic Sea.

Our Northern Europe Packages have following tourist attractions:

Finland: It is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe. Known as the land of a thousand lakes, it makes a good travel destination for tourists, holiday makers and people on vacations or honeymoons.

Iceland: It is an island country located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, northwest of Europe. Apart from the main island, the Republic of Iceland comprises a group of outlying islets found between Greenland, Norway, Ireland, Scotland and the Faroe Islands. Iceland is the second largest island in Europe, next only to the Great Britain.

Switzerland: It is simply a heaven for tourists. Surrounded by countries like Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein, this famous holiday destination is located in the heart of Europe. Nature seems to have bestowed most of its bounties on Switzerland as it is hard to find a place in the country that is not beautiful.

Ireland: It is an island located to the west of Great Britain, with Irish Sea in between. Lying to the northwest of Europe, it is the third largest island of the continent. Politically speaking, the island is divided into the Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland, which is a part of the United Kingdom (UK).