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New Year Getaways

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Is your New Year’s Eve more hype than the party? Celebrate the New Year by finding the best New Years travel deals, and start your next year off right.

Check here for our latest travel deals and start planning your New Year’s vacation, or check out these great picks for a unique, fun New Year’s vacation.

And for more late-departure deals as New Year’s Eve approaches

These independent vacation packages are perfect for the travelers who want to see it all on their own time but don’t want to spend hours planning. We make everything convenient, letting you bundle your choice of flights, hotel and even tours and day-trips in one package. Unless otherwise noted, hotels also include daily breakfast — although you might stay up too late on New Year’s Eve to really take advantage of that on January 1st!

Looking for different cities and dates? It’s easy to use Horizons Holidays to check for vacation packages available and discover your own New Years travel deals. Just click the search box at the top of this page and select your region, your destination of choice (if you have a specific place in mind) and choose December departure dates.

If the dates of your package don’t quite match what you had in mind, just call our destination specialist team and take advise from them.

Happy New Years!

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