Mexico Tour Packages

Mexico Tour Packages

Mexico Tour from India

Mexico is a country that lies between United States of America and Guatemala and Belize at the southeast. It has a wide coastline that includes the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The people of Mexico are very helpful. They have unique culinary dishes to taste. It is rich in art, archaeology, pyramids, museums, Haciendas, shoreline and amazing architecture. A holiday to Mexico is definitely worth at least once in a life time. It gives a lot of options to tourists such as snow covered mountains in the Dierras or the rainy forests and the desert in the Northwest. Golf lovers can enjoy playing golf. Others can spend their time in fishing. Mexico holds the seventh position in the most travelled places as per the WTO.

Honeymoon in Mexico

Mexico is the most preferred honeymoon destinations. For vacationers there is a lot of choose from. You can choose a budget or a luxury honeymoon resort and enjoy the best part of your travel. You do not have to worry about bringing a lot of things with you as the Mexican farms and manufacturing centres will provide you with everything you need. Some of the popular resorts are Secrets Resorts, Excellence Resorts, Palace Resorts and Riju Resorts. The Secret Resort and the Palace Resort is strictly for adults. You can ensure that you get enough personal time and privacy with your beloved. After all, on a honeymoon that is what you look out for. They are situated in Cancun. Here, you will also find a lot of couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversaries.

Major Attractions and Activities in Mexico

Some of the major attractions that tourists should visit in Mexico are as follows:

Metropolitan Cathedral:  This is the largest Roman Catholic cathedral in Latin America. It portrays a neoclassical touch. This amazing attraction has four domes with supporting columns. You can see the beautiful paintings and altarpieces that date back to the colonial era.

Plaza de las Tres Culturas:  This place is also called the ‘Square of the Three Cultures’. It is a fusion of three cultures in the history of Mexico. This place attracts a number of tourists who can view the Spanish as well as the contemporary Mexican architecture. Spectators can enjoy themselves looking at the wrestlers.

Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe: This is the most holy Christian place in America. It is believed that a Native American by the name Juan Diego had seed a vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the year 1531. Since then on the 12th of December, thousands and thousands of people visit this church for celebrating the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s.

Angel de la Independencia: This place is also called the el Angel. It is situated at the roundabout over Pasea da la Reforma in the heart of Mexico. People gather here for political rallies and also for celebrations after winning a game.

Mexico tours have a lot to offer. People prefer to travel to Mexico not only because of its proximity to America, but because of its abundant beauty and attractions that the country offers.

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Mexico Tour Packages

Mexico Tour Packages

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