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Israel is the country where Lord Jesus Christ was born and therefore this place is referred as the Holy Land. Jesus Christ walked, lived, played, was crucified, buried and rose up for ascending into heaven on this land. It is believed that Jesus prayed at the Garden of Gethsemane, was taken away by the Devil to the Mountain of Temptation. He was born in Bethlehem and was crucified in Golgotha. A pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan is not just sight-seeing but also discovering the living faith. This is an experience worth sharing with children, friends, family and even grandchildren. Visiting Israel is like walking with Jesus and surely worth the visit.

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The Biblical Holy Land read and understand by us is in Israel. It is the place where the Jews developed their national as well as religious identity. This country has unique cultural, natural and religious treasures. It is known to be the land of Bible, Abraham, Isaac and Lord Jesus Christ. It is half the size of Switzerland but covers so many things for its visitors. In winters, tourists can begin their day by swimming in a coral reef in Eilat or can get engrossed skiing on Mt. Hermon?s snow covered mountains. The country acts like a meeting place for Asia, Africa and Europe and offers very unique natural beauty. The beauty found here would be difficult to be present anywhere else in the world. This country follows the footsteps of Jesus very closely and so you can get closer to Jesus or discover roots to Christianity by visiting Israel. It is a perfect place for peace and reconciliation. The pilgrimage unites all travellers as one in faith and one in Christ. It preserves the Christian heritage.

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You can find the royal ?Machteshim? made by erosion and the rest in shadow of the Doum-Palm. You can also visit the Dead Sea, the deepest place on earth. It has the world?s oldest cities and mines with flora fauna that you will find nowhere else around the world. Israel is also called the ?cradle of civilization?. An old road passes between Egypt, Mesopotamia, Arabia, China, Greece and Rome. Israel is holy for Christians, Moslems, Jews, Druze and Baha?is. The location of this country serves as a bridge between the East and the West, thus offering a mix of culture, religions and ethnic groups. This country has modern infrastructure with educated guides that are sure to increase your knowledge and understanding of Israel.

Visitors can choose to visit the holy places that have been taught to or heal yourself at the Dead Sea. You can also enjoy floating on the Dead Sea and relive a life you have always dreamt about. People can also get indulged in adventure activities or simply enjoy watching the beautiful landscapes of this holy land. This trip is sure to make you mesmerized and will make you want to come again to Jesus.

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Israel Tour Packages

Israel Tour Packages

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