Finland is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe. Known as the land of a thousand lakes, it makes a good travel destination for tourists, holiday makers and people on vacations or honeymoons. The natural beauty of the Scandinavian region is famous worldwide and to add to the excitement of the tourists there are an array of outdoor activities and enjoyable nightlife and many more attractions. Spend you vacation in one of the most scenic locations of the world with our Finland Tour Packages from India.

Finland Holiday Packages from India

Finland attracts tourists and holiday makers for its lush landscape. About one third of the land is covered by thick forest, which makes it one of the greenest countries in the world. There are plenty of museums, castles, parks, churches and gardens to have happy and enjoyable time here. Our Finland Holiday Packages from India have been designed to cater to the requirements of all kinds of travelers. Moreover, we have special Finland travel packages for those on honeymoons or on vacations.

Finland Tours from India

Most Finland Tours from India consist of following cities:

  • Helsinki: The capital and the largest city of Finland, Helsinki is probably the main gateway to enter the country. So every Finland tour package from India will have this city in its itinerary. Helsinki is the hub of most activities in Finland and it is also a great tourist destination.
  • Oulu: Find here a number of tourists attractions that include Tietomaa, Ainola Park – a former University botanical garden, the Market Square with the City Library, Rotuaari Pedestrian Street, the City Theatre and old salt storehouses, the Linnanmaa University Botanical Garden, Mannerheim Park and Hupisaaret.
  • Tampere: Regarded as one of the larges inland cities in the entire region, Tampere is a major business hub and important urban center. Some of the tourist attractions here include Sarkanniemi amusement park with a dolphinarium and a revolving restaurant and Nasinneula Tower.
  • Turku: One can find here a number of museums including one that specializes in music. Some of the most important tourist sites include Turku Art Museum Jean Sibelius Museum and Turku Castle.

Finland Tourist Attraction

With our Finland Travel Packages from India, you are likely to visit the following places of tourist attractions:

  • The Island Fortress of Suomenlinna: Located on an island near Helsinki, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Treasure. A fine specimen of European military architecture, it is one of the major attractions of any Finland Vacation Packages from India.
  • St. Olaf’s Castle, Olavinlinna: It is an old castle, the mere look of which can take you to an imaginary fairyland. Also find here a museum where you can see Russian artifacts.
  • The King’s Road: It is a road that connects all important locations in the Scandinavian region – Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku and St. Petersburg. The road was built during the 13th century, but it is still an important route in the region. It is wonderful to see old taverns, inns, stone churches and iron mills still in good condition.
  • The Aland Island: A site known of cycling, camping and cabin holidays, the Aland Island is a must for the itinerary of most Finland Honeymoon Packages from India.
  • Turku: It is one of the oldest cities in Finland and it will fascinate you with its charm. Find here museums, cathedrals, handicrafts museums and plenty of other tourist attractions. The place is also famous for its Christmas celebration, and so it is called Christmas City also.
  • Arktikum Science Museum: A museum where you can see the life in the Arctic region through a number of objects displayed here. The museum also provides valuable information about Lapp wilderness.