Egypt Tour Packages

Egypt Tour Packages

Egypt is the land of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the great pyramids of Giza. So, visiting to this country of a very long history and amazing wonders would certainly be a wonderful experience. Adding to your amazing experience in this travel destination is the legendary Sphinx, the tomb of Tutonkhamon and the Temple of Amon Ra and many other marvels of an ancient era. With a history that spans almost 6000 years back in time Egypt has to offer so many things that it is hard for an individual to see all in a single trip. It is for this reason our Egypt tour packages from India exist, which enables you to make the most of your holiday trip in the country.

Egypt Holiday Packages from India

Egypt is an Arab country located on the north-eastern tip of the African continent, flanked by the Red Sea to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. So it is not just a land soaked in ancient glory, but also a destination that offers all which makes a vacation trip perfectly pleasurable. With our holiday packages from India, you will find here a lot more pleasure waiting for you besides the usual sightseeing tours. Enjoy camel riding on the great Sahara desert or take a horse ride to do something more adventurous. This is not all. You can even enjoy water sports like snorkeling, rafting and scuba diving.

Egypt Honeymoon Packages from India

Egypt is popular among all kind of tourists, history lovers, adventurers, holiday makers and honeymoon couples. We have products and travel packages to suit the requirements of all. Our Egypt honeymoon packages from India will surely add lots of beautiful moments to your life. Besides sightseeing trips and cruising tours, you will find a number of other attractions in our travel packages. Cairo, Aswan and Alexandria are some of the cities known worldwide for delightful honeymoon trip with fun-filled outdoor activities, delicious cuisine and sparkling nightlife. Moreover, it would be once in a lifetime experience to spend a cultural night at the grand opera.

Egyptian Tours from India

Some of the most popular cities of our Egyptian Tours from India include the following:

  • Cairo: The capital and the largest city of Egypt, Cairo is decked with ancient wonders and modern marvels, both existing side by side. It would be an enchanting experience to be in Cairo as you would find a lot to see around no matter where you go in the city. Sparking mosques, colorful streets and lofty skyscrapers, all can be seen here.
  • Aswan: It is a tourist site with natural landscape offering stunning beauty. Located on the Nile, it is often regarded as the gate to Africa. Explore a number of interesting spots while you are on the cruising tour that we have included in our Egypt Vacation Packages from India.
  • Alexandria: The second largest city, which also has a historical background. Known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, it is the hub of cultural activities in the country, mainly in theatrical production. It is here that you would see the famous River Oaks Square Arts Center.

Egypt Tourist Attractions

  • Great Pyramid: This is the greatest tourist attraction in Egypt. Amidst a series of pyramids here, it is the largest, which was made for King Khufu. There are as many as 90 royal pyramids in Egypt.
  • The Egyptian Museum: The museum has one of the largest collections of mummies, sculptures, sarcophagi and other valuable ancient treasures, which are housed in 107 halls. The museum is located in Cairo.
  • The Edfu Temple: Built during the Ptolomaic period, The Edfu is also known as the Temple of Horus. It is one among the few temples in Egypt that are still found in good condition. Moreover, it is next only to the Temple of Karnak in terms of largeness.

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Egypt Tour Packages

Egypt Tour Packages

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