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Concert Tours

It’s time for Music tourism Over the last couple of years, “Music tourism” has become something you hear. Know that being able to pull in music fans from outside the festival’s hinterland is a good thing for their bottom line–and can also help them tap funds from local and national tourism bodies. Up to now, it has being hard to know the exact financial benefits of such initiatives.

The basic concept of Music tourism concept works on the Music Enthusiast those who visit different countries to see big music festivals it does include Trance Music lovers , Dub-Steps Music lovers , Concert Music lovers ,Classical Music lovers , Sufi Festivals and many more …

Recently when I was having a visit to few of my Trance Music Enthusiast friends I got to know they have been visiting a biggest trance festival happening in Belgium and it was a hardcore Trance Dj festival and the show was never experienced before the moment they booked the tickets and I feel the importance for this concept of Music Tourism if a person can travel just to listen the music he likes there comes the tourism concept of Music Tourism and even this is not just limited to travelling abroad the recent visit of friends to Mumbai a live concert of D.J Tiesto it was big successful event . I see number of people travelling to Mumbai from Gujarat, Delhi, Bangalore and many other places so it has even covered Domestic Music Tourism and of course when a person travels to different state for such activities it has been somehow benefited to state economy overall benefits goes to the local state government.

Sharing an example on How Tourism bodies are focusing on such initiatives

(Source: VisitBritan official website)

  • 6.5m music tourists, £2.2bn total spending, 24,000 jobs
  • The study reveals that tourists at live music events not only add billions to the UK economy but offer astounding regional tourism benefits, motivating Britain-wide travel. Music tourism provides a massive boost to the UK’s nations, regions and local economies, including at least 24,000 jobs each year.
  • Direct spend by music tourists – buying tickets, paying for transport and accommodation – was worth £1.3 billion
  • Further indirect music tourism spend – additional spending along the supply chain generated by music tourists – adds a further £914m, making a total spend of £2.2bn
  • The average live music audience is comprised of 41% music tourists
  • Music tourists from overseas spend, on average, £910 while attending festivals and £602 while attending concerts (average tourist spend is £600)
  • Domestic music tourists spend, on average, £396 while attending festivals and £87 while attending concerts
  • Overseas tourists account for 6% of music tourism visits but a huge 20% of music tourism spend
  • London attracts 28% of all music tourists to the UK, with 1.8m visiting the capital

Message from Visit Britain CEO Sandie Dawe:

“This initiative confirms that the UK’s music scene has significant international appeal and that music tourists spend lots of money and travel across the whole of Britain. This will act as a catalyst for us all to ramp up our activity and forge better relationships with festival organizers, promoters, venues and producers to raise awareness of our amazing music scene across the world.”

If Britan can make the concept huge and successful even on economy aspect, why can’t India? We have everything Culture, Music, Destinations, Artists and everything to make the concept most Profitable.

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Concert Tours

Concert Tours

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