Columbia Tours Packages

Colombia Tours Packages

Columbia is naturally gifted with tropical rainforests, romantic towns, magical beaches and colourful cities full of culture. Colombia is considered to be South America’s best secret destination. Whether you are looking for adventure sports, ostentatious festivals, architectural wonders or wildlife – Columbia has it all. One can start their trip to Columbia by beginning an adventure trip in Ecuador’s capital, Quito. You can find out picturesque cities, coffee plantations, sleepy seaside towns and grand volcanic landscapes. It has a number of opportunities to get in touch with other locals and thus becomes a good travel experience that you can remember. This trip is sure to provide unique insight within a country that is evolving rapidly.

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Columbia Vacation Packages India

Colombia is situated at the northern tip of South America. It is a country of lush rainforest with mountains and coffee plantations. In the high-altitude capital, Bogotá, the Zona Rosa district is famous for shopping, bars and restaurants. Cartagena that is situated on the Caribbean coast has a walled colonial Old Town with a 16th-century castle and beautiful beaches. Barranquilla is also close by that hosts a massive yearly Carnival.

Columbia Tourist Attractions

Columbia is the most sought after destination for backpackers. Whether you are looking to visit the beautiful Amazon rainforest or enjoy the picturesque beauty of beaches, you can have it all. The beaches with white sand meet the crystal clear water that is turquoise in colour. You can enjoy beach activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving. Some of the other tourist attractions of Columbia include the following:

1. Medellin – Medellin is one of the most beautiful cities in South America and is well known as the ‘city of eternal spring’. It is a wonderful mixture of a bustling city and a modern place that also retains its age old heritage and beauty.

2. Amazon Rainforest – The Amazon Rainforest covers more than 1 billion acres of land. It encompasses of areas in Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. The Amazon Rainforest is noted to produce around 20% of the total world’s oxygen. Moreover, it comprises nearly half of the earths estimated of plant, animal and insect species.

3. Cartagena – It is one of the most popular cities of Columbia that has the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. UNESCO has labelled the historic centre of Cartagena as a world heritage site.

4. Ciudad Perdida – This is also called the Lost City. Here you can explore trekking. It should take you around five to six days to trek for reaching the city, but the effort is going to be worth it. While trekking you will be delighted to see various rivers, native villages, their inhabitants and many beautiful sights that will culminate once you reach the fascinating ruins of Ciudad Perdida.

5. Mompox (Mompos) – It is located on an island in the Magdalena River. UNESCO has recognised this as the World Heritage Sites because of its well-preserved colonial architecture. Mompox is called Santa Cruz de Mompox officially.

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Colombia Tours Packages

Columbia Tours Packages

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