Australia is an advanced nation that also has a history that goes back to several thousand years in time. Here you will find a great mixture of different cultures as the country is home to people with different countries of origin. Australia is a country, continent and an island at the same time, and it is so large in area that it greatly varies in climate, terrain and vegetation. Moreover, the country is known worldwide for exotic wildlife, great beaches and scenic beauty. All these have led it to emerge as a thriving tourist destination attracting a large number of visitors from across the globe. Our Australia Tour Packages from India aim at enriching your holiday experience as long as you are here on this amazing land.

Australia Holiday Packages from India

Think Australia and an image of Kangaroos automatically come into your mind. Alongside kangaroos, the country is also known for some rare and exclusive wildlife species, such as koalas, emus and wombats. A large part of the country is uninhabited or sparsely populated. There are immense scope of trekking, mountaineering, cycling and a number of other adventure sports. Water sports lover on the other can find here world-class facilities for sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving. With our Austria holiday packages from India you will get to experience one of the most exciting moments of your life.

Australia Honeymoon Packages from India

Australia is so big and so varied that it has something for everyone. So it really doesn’t matter what is your purpose of going to Australia; holidaying, traveling or honeymooning. Today, the country, with beautiful beaches in Sydney and Gold Coast, and lively atmosphere all around attracts a large number of honeymoon couples from across the world. Beautiful locations, romantic ambience, dazzling nightlife, great restaurants with great cuisine, all make the country an ideal honeymoon destination. Experience some of the most beautiful moments of your life in this dream destination with our Australia honeymoon packages from India.

Australia Tours from India

Some of the cities that are usually included in the itineraries of most Australia Tours from India are as follows:

  • Sydney: It is a world-class city exhibiting a cosmopolitan culture. While the city is identified globally with the unique pieces of architecture we see in Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, there are a number of other attractions that are sure to keep you spellbound for moments. Enrich your shopping experiences here and enjoy its happening nightlife. Plan your Sydney Travel Packages from India during the period when Hunter Valley Harvest Festival is on here.
  • Perth: With lots of beautiful beaches and lush green environment all around, you would love to stay here for some more days. It is also home to the International Arts Festival and offers a host of outdoor activities for tourists and visitors.
  • Melbourne: A modern city seeped into history and heritage, Melbourne is an exciting destination to discover. Tourists have lots of option to spend their vacations while keeping themselves entertained all the time. A shopper paradise, the city has a number of exclusive fashion boutiques. Festivals, art galleries, stadiums, historic places and more make it a wonderful travel destination.

Australia Tourist Attractions

  • Wildlife and Aquatic Animals: See here animals that you have only heard of or seen in pictures. Kangaroos, echidnas, dolphins, koalas, emus, goannas, platypuses and wallabies are just a few names of the exotic species of animals that you can see in Australia in their original habitats. The country is also known for spectacular marine creatures and aquatic animals which live in water surrounding the continent.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge: A great marvel of modern era, which is also a major tourist attraction. You taking a boat ride or sail on a cruise against the backdrop of the marvelous Sydney Harbour Bridge is a picture-perfect image that you would love to see again and again.
  • Great Barrier Reef: It is here you would find wonderful marine wildlife. Dive deep to explore more than 71 coral islands and a rich and varied marine wildlife. It is a place to try all options of water sports, from sailing to diving and from snorkeling to scuba diving.