Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the eastern and northern hemispheres. It covers 8.7% of the Earth’s total surface area (or 30% of its land area) and with approximately 4 billion people, it hosts 60% of the world’s current human population.

The most interesting thing about Asia tour is that its a mix of everything. Its a spiritual place, here you will find the most ancients temples ever built, mind boggling landscapes, steamy jungles, wild life sanctuaries, architectural wonders, the great wall of china, the most delicious food …and of course a million other things that are quite amazing and fascinating about Asia.

Our Asia Packages have following tourist attractions:

Bali: Bali is an island and one of the 33 provinces of Indonesia. The capital is located towards the south of the island and is known by the name of Denpasar. The land of Bali is home to Indonesia’s Hindu minority and is famous for rich and highly developed culture and arts that include dance, painting, sculpture, leather, music, metalworking and more.

Dubai: It is one of the most developed vacation point located in the deserts. It is blooming with man-made architectures and the most beautiful beaches. Dubai tour would include visiting astonishing structures like Palm Island, Burj Arab and Jumeirah Mosque that exemplify the beauty of Islamic architecture.

Russia: It is truly an attractive and a beautiful country that has an ancient culture and proud heritage. It has always been a spectacular country that has attracted visitors from many years. It is a huge country and therefore, while planning a vacation, you must keep into considerations the maximum sights offered.

Turkey: Straddling Europe and Asia,  is an exotic travel destination with a rich history and culture. Natural attractions as well as man-made marvels can be found here in plenty. It is a fine example of the architectural brilliance of medieval period.