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The world has always cherished beloved images of romance; Romeo beneath Juliet’s balcony, Cupid’s arrow, Cleopatra and Caesar. With an evocative palate of destinations, your own unique romance can be celebrated and infused with an equally unforgettable dose of luxury and reverie. Horizons Holidays elevates these destinations, perfecting your romantic, dream vacation with handcrafted intimacy and inimitability.


The honeymoon is definitely a process of bonding for the newly-wed couple, and we would like to make it absolutely stress-free for you. So, here are some useful tips for planning your honeymoon.

Pick the Destination
Step 1: Discuss what kind of holiday you would like to go for; Romantic or adventurous, peaceful or exciting, road-trip or the luxury cruise, culture or nature. Taking a call on these really help narrow down the destinations you can plan.

Step 2: Once decided on the theme you would like to go to destinations which you think are aligned with your theme. There will be some crossing off, going back and forth (a lot of this), but at least it’ll give you some direction

Step 3: Read up about the destinations, and narrow down to the two most fitting ones. You’re already pretty close to picking a honeymoon destination, and more often than not the right hotel, holiday package, distance and budget can help you choose your destination.

Book Your Holiday
1. Set a budget – Once you have a budget in mind, it’ll be much easier to narrow down the holiday, hotel and destination you want to go to. It also gives you an idea as to how much you’d be spending on this holiday, so you can plan and save for it. This will avoid any unpleasant surprises.

2. Book a holiday package – Its almost always going to be cheaper to book a holiday, with flights, hotels and some sightseeing tours included in a package, rather than booking them all separately.

Don’t confuse here we at Horizons Holidays take care of all the things for you. You Just pick a destination and enjoy your honeymoon.

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