Armenia Tour Packages

Armenia Tour Packages

Armenia Tour Packages India

Armenia is well known for greeting its visitors with a lot of warmth and kindness. One can actually feel the warm heartedness of Armenia especially in Yerevan, which is the oldest city in the world. This city will celebrate its 2797th anniversary on 12th October 2015. It has proven to meet the best of both ends that is, it has all the advantages of a modern city and also boasts of a variety of historical attractions. Its friendly ambience makes visitors very comfortable.

Armenia Tourist Attractions

6,000 Years Old Wine Press: Archaeologists have found the oldest wine-making facility in southern Armenia with the help of biochemical techniques for identifying a dry red vintage made almost 6,000 years ago.

5,500-Year-Old Leather Shoe: An international panel of archaeologists have discovered the world’s oldest leather shoe. It is 1,000 years older than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. This shoe was preserved by the cold and dry conditions in the sheep dung-lined cave in Armenia.

World’s Longest Cable Car Line: Armenia has the world?s longest cableway in Armenia, which is 5.7km long. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Vorotan River Gorge and the country’s oldest Tatev monastery. The cable car runs at a speed of 37 km per hour and a one-way journey takes 11 minutes.

Pre-Historic and Early Christian Monuments: Armenia has preserved the riches of today’s evidence that involves the evolution of mankind. There are almost 40,000 historical monuments in Armenia. Many of them comprise of churches but only 4000 of these monuments are easy to access. They are open 24*7 and do not charge any entry fees.

Archaeological Sites & Excavations: The capital of Armenia – Yerevan was founded in 782 BC. Another Urartian citadel within Yerevan – Karmir Blur was constructed on the ruins of early Bronze Age settlement. Avid travellers can visit loads and loads of active excavations that begin from the Paleolithic to the Medieval periods.

Armenia Tourist Activities

Mountain Climbing: Armenian highlands are the most ideal places to practice mountain climbing. It gives a good experience to beginners as well as experts. There are experienced instructors to guide you in the right direction and make your trip memorable.

Hiking: Armenia has the most beautiful landscapes that offer a picturesque view for those looking out for recreation as well as some rest.

Birdwatching: Armenia has been proud to keep a record of almost 340 bird species. There are a lot of European bird species that represented by Armenia. Some of the birds that you are sure to see during your travel are Caspian Snowcock, Caucasian Grouse, Armenian Gull, Ride’s Accentor, Persian Wheatear and Semi-collared Flycatcher.

Wine and Brandy Tasting: There is good news for alcohol lovers as a trip to Armenia will be incomplete without tasting wine and cognac. As per the excavation results, the first wine grape was produced on the Armenian Highland many years ago. The descendants today try to retain that same old heritage. The main wine assortments produced by the Armenian winegrowers are:

Ordinary table wines

Branded wines made as per special recipes

Special quality wines aged not lesser than 3 years

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Armenia Tour Packages

Armenia Tour Packages

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