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Football and Maradona are the first things that come to our mind, when we think of Argentina. However, Argentina tourism and vacations have a lot to offer. On one hand football is considered to be the Mecca of South America and on the other hand it is also the birthplace of Tango dance form. This country is historically rich with all modern amenities. While on your tour to South America, you can get associated with the gauchos, which is equivalent to the American cowboys or enjoy learning Tango. Some of the points of attractions that you must not miss are the Iguazú Falls, the mighty Andes Peaks and Perito Moreno Glacier.

Latin America Tour Packages

Here you can find a wide selection of luxury tours to Argentina that consists of visiting the elegant city of Buenos Aires. You can explore the wilderness of Patagonia, the breathtaking areas of the Pampas and the soul stirring Iguazú Falls. Animal lovers can enjoy watching the varied wildlife at Peninsula Valdes or the Ibera wetlands. All you need to do is travel using a boat along the Beagle Channel at Ushuaia and see the sights of forests and lakes around Bariloche. You will be awe-struck looking at the beautiful Perito Moreno and Upsala Glaciers. Travellers who are looking out for some relaxation can stay in a traditional suite near Cordoba, which is located in the wine region of Mendoza. The long established villages near Salta will give you a picturesque beauty of colonial architecture.

Latin America Tour Packages

Buenos Aires: This is an energetic port city and also the main entrance to Argentina. It is also called the ‘Paris of South America’ as it has a lot of European influence. This place has a rich cultural identity and value European heritage. Tango is the national dance of Argentina and is practiced in parks, dance halls, streets and ballrooms. It has small neighbourhoods that are inspired from the Victorian, Classical and Italian features. It has one of the world’s supreme opera houses called Teatro Colon. Some of the attractions in the northern part of the city at Recoleta include Evita”s Cemetery, Municipal Museum, France Square, Quintana and Alvear Avenues. The entire city is dotted with trees and parks making it very attractive for the eye. Other attractions include the Cathedral, City Hall and San Telmo, where the city was formed 425 years ago. The most posh residential area is the Puerto Madero that offers wonderful views of the river.

Iguazu Falls: Iguazu Falls means ‘big water’ in the laungage – Guarani. These falls are lie in between Brazil and Argentina. In total there are 275 falls that are 70 meters high full of the Iguazu River. Visitors are allowed to come close to the water falls in the Iguazu National Park, where they can feel the intimacy of the water. You can see the most beautiful flora and fauna, birds and butterflies while taking a stroll inside the national park. The most exciting fall is the ‘Devil’s Throat’. You can go via a speed boat along the Devil’s canyon till the fall. UNESCO has recognised it to be the World Heritage Site.

San Ignacio: Here is the first mission of Jesus that was established in Argentina in the year 1696. Its aim was to convert the inhabitants to Christianity. It has also been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Rio De Janeiro: This is the capital of Brazil and also the second largest city. The city is famous for its beaches, carnivals, football, music and tropical forests. Tourists are attracted to Rio not only because of its diversity in music and beaches but also because of the wonderful flora and fauna.