About Us

Horizons Holidays is one of India’s leading outbound tour operators

About Ashish Sapra, Our Founder

While accountancy and law tried very hard to envelop Ashish into their fold, it was travelling – his first love that won eventually.

Ashish was talking intrepid travel and offbeat experiences way before they became buzzwords in the travel industry. From hitchhiking to being flown around in a chopper, Ashish has travelled in every possible way you could imagine and everything in between.

Today, he’s been to over 100+ countries and has exhausted innumerable passports. So, what happens when a true blue traveller like Ashish decides to share his love for travel with the world? You get an award-winning company like Horizons Holidays.

Why Horizons? Because Ashish’s values are simple, he and his team are determined to plan a holiday that goes beyond the reach of all your dreams, beyond your furthest horizons.

You imagine it, and we’ll take you there.

About Horizons Holidays

Once upon a time, in 1999, when the concept of innovative and bespoke itineraries was brand new, Horizons Holidays came into being. We were the original intrepid travel company. 2 decades since then, we’ve organised everything from spoiling yourself silly in a decadent game reserve to exploring the offbeat art venues and landmark museums in tiny European towns.

Specialized Knowledge

Impeccable Service

Meticulous Planning

Personalised Attention

Consistent Quality

From picking Flamenco lessons in Barcelona to picking grapes and making wine in France or even stargazing together in the Arctic Circle – we help you make memories no one else can..

Whether you’re looking for a family holiday, a magical honeymoon, a themed getaway or a corporate escape – we’ve got you covered.

Our knowledge ensures that all our journeys are designed to ensure each travellers’ unique preferences. We have earned ourselves a name to reckon with in the travel industry with all the expertise and insight we impart to our customers.

Our Specialised Knowledge

Impeccable Service

Meticulous Planning

Personalised Attention

Consistent Quality

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