A Horizons holiday begins, where an ordinary holiday ends.

At Horizons, what we work hardest for is to make your every holiday extraordinary. For us extraordinary actually means many words together – once-in-a-lifetime, memorable, bespoke, exotic, thrilling, luxurious, stunning, unique, soul satisfying. We aim at creating the best memories, therefore, give you the most unique itineraries and tour options. Whether it is a beach vacation, a romantic getaway, adventure tourism or a desert safari, we have it all. At horizons holidays, you can choose from a wide range of tourist destinations and head towards your vacation as soon as possible.

Whether you want to discover a new tourist destination that few have gone to, or discover things about a new vacation spot that few have experienced, we can make it happen in every nook and corner of the world. One of our biggest strengths is first-hand knowledge about every destination in the world We have been there, stayed there and experienced everything. That is why only Horizons can pick out the very best of every destination and turn it into an extraordinary holiday for you and your family.

Unique advantages of a Horizons holidays

SMALL WORLD – Name a place, from Fiji to Cook’s Island to Ibiza to the French Riviera, we will tell you something extraordinary about it, and then make you experience it. We not only cater to family holiday but also keep in mind to give you the best honeymoon, adventure trips and pilgrimage visits. So whether it is with your beloved or with friends, we ensure that you have enough fun in your tour. Go ahead try us?

BIG IMAGINATION – Looking for something different, a concert tour, a golf tour, a wine tasting tour or an exotic shopping tour? We will share a host of options, and each one will be extraordinary. All our itineraries are budget oriented and we ensure that you are able to afford the best holiday without straining too much on your finances.We aim at catering to all your dreams of the best every holiday.Activities we offer include scuba diving, paragliding, swimming, and so on.We are the one stop solution for adventure enthusiasts.

PEACE OF MIND – We take complete responsibility of your holiday - smoothen bumps, clear hiccups, remove headaches, weed out snags, so that you can enjoy your holiday without a care in the world. At some places, we also make it a point to take you to an Indian restaurant so that on your holiday, you don’t miss home food much. Of course we give you the option of tasting a variety of culinary and enhancing your taste buds in your holiday.

PERSONAL ASSURANCE – When you plan a holiday with someone who has been there and done that, it means things will turn out exactly as planned. We have experienced the holiday and thus planned the itinerary is the best way suitable to you. We know what it takes to go on a vacation; we are aware of the expectations and thus aim at fulfilling them as much as possible. Our representatives act as a helping hand not only at the start of your holiday, but will be there with you to guide you till your vacation ends.

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